Dr. David J GraceyChartered Clinical Psychologist in Balham, South West London

"I first met with David in late 2018 to address some emotional challenges I was experiencing. Since then - and through his empathy and professionalism - I am now able to deal with what I thought were those challenges and am no longer constrained by them. I can truly say he has had a extremely positive and beneficial impact on me which I am very grateful for.''


"Dr Gracey takes a methodical, unhurried, step-wise and non-judgmental approach to psychological counselling in an era where few have time for others & even less time to reflect on themselves. I have had a positive and fulfilling experiencing with Dr Gracey over many months with clear measurable therapy goals. Ultimately, his support and insight has allowed me to lead a more fulfilling and wholesome personal and family life. Very helpful stress management and email communication and psychological guidance supplemented with novel reading material to consolidate learning points between sessions."


"I started consulting with David after a couple of years of added work pressure took their toll and I found myself experiencing anxiety, panic attacks and intrusive thoughts seemingly out of nowhere. Burnout sent my anxiety and OCD through the roof.

David and I worked together for roughly 4 months and - it being the first time I did therapy - I did not know what to expect. David’s approach is completely patient-centred. He listens a lot and you never feel like you’re having anything imposed on you (be it a diagnostic or treatment). His advice and follow-up material always felt relevant and useful. He ensured that I took ownership of my own development and recovery, and that really made a difference. There’s a lot more power in you reaching those therapy ‘Eureka’ moments by your own developing line of thought than by having a therapist saying ‘this is what you should be doing/thinking’.

Of course, developing that helpful line of thinking when the starting point is a thought process undermined by anxiety, fear and OCD isn’t possible if you don’t have someone on the other side who knows about these conditions and how to help a patient help themselves ... and that’s where David excels. I can never thank him enough for his work with me."


“The conversations I had with Dr David Gracey were the first I’ve had about my own mental health, and I would encourage anyone to choose the same starting point that I did. The sessions have given me a far greater awareness of my thoughts & feelings, and the increasing importance of being conscious of, and listening to them. Such awareness has improved my knowledge of what ignites or incites my anxieties, and from this knowledge has come a familiarity and, crucially, an acceptance of those anxieties.

Further than that, the conversations were productive, engaging & a welcome break from the fast pace of London life, bringing a newfound connection to the present moment that I had lost touch with. David taught me mindfulness techniques that has improved my ability to drop anchor, touching base with how I am actually feeling amidst everything going on around me.

Thanks to David, I am now much more familiar with how rewarding it is to be engaged with my own thoughts & know the true value of connection, releasing my inner rules, & being present.”


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